1) Install the Alexa toolbar if not already and comment what your current Alexa ranking is, so we can keep track.


2) Write consistently 2-4 times a week for 6 months.


3) Install the Yakezie badge with pride.


4) Announce on your blog that you have joined the challenge.


5) Selflessly promote others.


6) Your goal is to break 200,000 in Alexa after 6 months.  If you are already under 200,000, your goal is to break 100,000.  If you are under 100,000, your goal is to break 50,000 and so forth.  This straight forward two step process helps ensure that we allow those who truly want to be a part of The Yakezie into the network.


7) Introduce yourself on the Yakezie Challengers Forum and get to know your fellow Challengers and Members.


8) Once the 6-month challenge is over, let us know how far you’ve come in the forums, on your blog, and via an e-mail.  If you’ve developed good relationships, broken 200,000 in Alexa, and are ready for the next step, we will invite you to submit a form and write your Yakezie Member Post and become an official member.


Remember, persistence is the key to success!


Sam @ Financial Samurai – “Slicing Through Money’s Mysteries”

Yakezie Network Founder

– See more at: Creating Powerful Friends With the Alexa Ranking Challenge